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whether you have worked with us before or you are looking to start carrying our products for the first time, our values remain the same. ruved is rooted in health and rooted in truth. we strive to offer our customers and our partners high-quality, organic herbal formulas that come with havest-to-home transparency and 30 years of trusted reputation.

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Our Mission

ruved exists to provide medical grade supplements to consumers and strives to educate the public about the healing powers of aryuvedic herbs.

through transparency and honesty, ruved provides consumers trustworthy information and hebal remidies to help them accomplish the healthy and happy lifestyle they deserve.

Our Story

over three decades ago our founders, the sodhi brothers were on a mission to find high quality herbal supplements to offer in their naturopathic clinic based in the pacific northwest. with no luck, their only option was to source herbal extracts themselves from their homeland: india, where ayurvedic herbs are native to the land.

Rooted in Truth

our customers deserve to know what goes into their body. that's why we've put together a comprehensive portal so anyone can access our information on traceabilty, testing, product information, supply chain, and herb sourcing details.

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Where ruved products are manufactured

ruved’s herbal products are manufactured in the united states using ingredients grown on out farms and processed at our state-of-the-art plant in nagrota bagwan, himachal pradesh, india. all production is overseen by our team of scientists and doctors. manufacturing takes place in temperature, humidity, and dust controlled rooms to prevent cross contamination and product deterioration. additionally, each piece of equipment is individually sterilized before each production run. all of these measures are in place to ensure that ruved provides products that are fresh, natural, sanitary, and free of adulterants of any kind.

Our Green Commitment

ruved is dedicated to making the world a better place. whether it is through the care given to the growing of our herbs, the treatment of the people working for us in our fields and factories, or by supporting the communities surrounding our growing efforts in india and across the globe, ruved is committed to having a positive impact wherever we do business.

one of the ways that pledge has come to life is through the use of renewable energy. our state-of-the-art hydroelectric project employs a micro-unit generator that does not disturb the natural flow of the river; thereby protecting fish runs and wildlife while aiding local farmers and villages, enhancing their quality of life, and encouraging them to have less impact on the environment as well. we have also instituted a program to reduce the impact of widespread deforestation that plagues india and encourage long term planning to ensure the sustainability of all resources indigenous to the region. we have introduced a program that educates the villagers about how to wild-craft valuable plants and herbs without negatively effecting the environment, ensuring the sustainability of these treasured indigenous plants remains for generations to come.

ruved continues its commitment to its growers, community, and customers by providing better-than-market-wage jobs, education about sustainable harvesting, community clinics free of charge for those who are unable to pay, clean water facilities in areas that previously had none, and many other services, including educational opportunities for the tribal communities of the himachal pradesh region. we are working every day to discover new ways that we can add to our sustainable practices.

What makes ruved products stand apart?

ruved stands apart by extracting and standardizing ayurvedic herbs, which is extremely uncommon for indian herbs. ruved’s herbal extraction methods use state-of-the-art technologies to obtain maximum levels of active principles, as well as full spectrum extracts.

in addition, all of our herbs are grown and harvested on our own farms in the pristine and pure environment of the himachal pradesh region of india, which is the natural habitat of most ayurvedic herbs. from seed to market, close attention is paid to the health and development of each plant in every aspect, including the overall condition of the plant, the size of the root, and the timing of harvest to ensure optimal potency and quality. this produces herbs that are ideally suited for use as supplements to enhance good health in accordance with the 5,000-year-old ayurvedic tradition and ensures the highest quality herbs exclusively for ruved.

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