• join our wellness community and receive sales commission through ruved herbal supplements! paired with your services, we strive to create a mutually beneficial partnership by enhancing the health and wellbeing of members in your community.

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Why Join Our Affiliate Program

ruved’s doctor-formulated herbal supplements are sustainably grown and rigorously tested to offer the most pure and potent products. like you, we strive to be a trusted partner in spreading wellness. joining our affiliate program is a great way to help grow your business while adding ruved’s herbal products to the value you already bring to your community!

How It Works

we understand that not everyone has the time or space to carry products to offer their clients. this program allows you to recommend the ruved herbal supplements you love without the hassle of handling them yourself. instead, we will set you up with a unique link that you will provide to your community whether that’s on your social media, email blasts, website, or when you see them in person! with that link, people can shop ruved products while it keeps track of the commission you earn from sales. easy, right?

Affiliate Program FAQ

What are the eligibility requirements to become an affiliate?

this program is intended for health and wellness practitioners such as yoga practitioners, nutritionists, and personal trainers with an interest in supporting their clients with herbal formulations while allowing the customer to order for themselves.

What will my benefits be?

you will receive a 20% commission, after 30 days, on all sales tracked through your link.

Will I need to carry actual ruved products at my business?

no, you’ll just direct clients to our website where they will purchase their product and we will ship it out to them.

How are my sales tracked?

you’ll receive a link unique to your business to share with them which will enable the sales to be tracked to your account.

How and when do I get paid?

payments are made via paypal to the affiliate account setup within the affiliate dashboard. you can expect to see your money within 30 days of the affiliate transaction.

There are so many supplement brands out there. Why should I choose ruved?

we offer pure, rigorously tested products produced with the wisdom of ayurveda and thebenefit of modern science. you can trust ruved products to help you bring your community the healthy, balanced life they are seeking.

Can’t people buy ruved’s products cheaper through sellers like Amazon? Why go through my link?

ruved’s products are priced the same, no matter what site they’re on. you are already a trusted partner in helping your clients realize their health goals, and they can support you by ordering through your affiliate link.

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