R U Ready?

Multiple ruved products stacked and next to each other.

This year we are excited to announce new happenings at ruved: we are changing up our look, increasing our content, and rolling out new products for you to explore and fold into your health routine. Wherever you are in your relationship with herbal products, we hope to take the pressure off picking which supplements you can add to your journey for balanced health. Our goal is to provide you the information you need to feel confident in the quality, effectiveness, and variety of your herbal supplements. If herbs don’t excite you yet, we are here to change that. With their unique benefits, different applications, and versatile nature, there is so much to learn about. Join us in exploring all of the holistic healing properties herbs have to offer for your daily health and wellness. 

One of the ways we are putting the power in your hands is in the intention of our brand refresh. Our new packaging prioritizes transparency in our products and highlights what health goals you have in mind. We are giving each product its own identity to help smooth the transition into trying new herbal solutions with confidence. We will also be contributing recipes, herbal education, and health suggestions to our Instagram @ruvedherbs as well as on our blog, rooted in health for you to explore.

Another aspect of our mission to empower our community is our continued work in sustainability. Herbal products require a great amount of work to get from our farms to your hands. At ruved, we are committed to the plants as much as people. We work with organic farmers in India to ensure some of the most potent, pure, and sustainable products available today. We believe tending to the Earth, from seed to supplement, is foundational to ensuring a product you can feel good about welcoming into your daily wellness routine. You might say that respect is the primary pillar of ruved’s foundation: respect for the Earth, the farmers, and for you. We believe this respect and reverence reflects in the product. When made with this level of dedication to people and planet, our products perform better.

In other news, we have recently released our new glycerite line of herbal drops. Glycerites are non-alcoholic extracts of herbs in glycerin. They come in liquid form with a glass dropper that allows flexibility for your unique needs. Two of our favorite new glycerites are our Digestive Support Drops that are a combination of popular Indian herbs known as Triphala that make digestion more comfortable and support healthy elimination. We also love ourStress and Mood Support Drops featuring Ashwagandha. If you’re looking for one of the most all-purpose herbs to help with rebooting both your mind and body after a long and stressful year, this one’s for you. In addition, they are 100% kid-friendly!

So whether you’re new here or you’re a longtime fan, we’re excited to be your partner in your journey to daily, natural wellness. Join our mailing list, and follow us on social media to stay up to date on all our new offerings that will be coming out in 2021!