The Magic of Amla

Amla fruit growing on a branch.

In the woods and forests of India grows a tree that brings forth a fruit called amla. While this name may sound unfamiliar, every so often, it can be found at your local produce section or even farmers markets. It still has benefits that can help you. Through the bustling of work, soccer practice, running to catch the bus, Amla’s benefits can help you when you don’t have time to help yourself. Here are 3 ways Amla can benefit you.

Seasonal immune support

Seasonal challenges usually hit when we either least expect it, or when the timing couldn’t be worse. Luckily, Amla has several properties that are able to support your immune system through seasonal challenges, all year round. Amla juice mixed with honey, taken daily, has been shown to provide benefits whenever your immune system needs some extra TLC.

 Daily benefits

Amla has been shown to encourage healthy cholesterol levels, as well as maintain healthy liver function by helping it in its vital detoxification work.

 How Amla Can Benefit You

 Amla is a versatile fruit because of the properties it possesses. These include nutrients such as Vitamin C, iron, calcium and phosphorous. These benefits are well known and can easily be a part of a daily diet that can contribute to your overall wellness. Amla is simple, yet effective. The next question is what are you waiting for?