5 Supplements & Herbs For Jump-Starting Wellness

A person jumping forward under a tree, with a very bright sun behind them.

Whether it’s your birthday, the New Year, or just a new day, there are times where we say to ourselves we’re going to streamline our wellness. Maybe just by eating healthier, exercising more, or preserving our peace and energy. Sometimes we want something to help us get started and stay motivated. Luckily, herbal supplements, with their vast array of ways to support our health, can be hugely useful for helping you get started living your best life.

1. Ashwagandha

 Ashwagandha is the Swiss army knife of herbal wellness. It supports strength and stamina for exercise, it helps the body relax and stay asleep through the night, yet is not sedative during the day, and boosts our ability to focus. In short, this one little herb is a perfect match for anyone wanting to make lifestyle changes and boost their wellness doing so.

2. Amla

This vitamin C packed little berry is a staple for anyone wanting to boost their antioxidant-rich foods and enjoy digestive wellness. It also supports healthy energy levels and healthy skin. In short, if you’re looking for supplemental power food, Amla will get your digestion on track. A delicious way to get a hold of Amla is through our Wellness Jam which is as delicious as it is loaded with antioxidants!

3. Bacopa

Bacopa is a little-known wonder that deserves way more hype than it gets. It’s extremely useful in helping promote mental focus and energy. It also supports a positive outlook on life, making it the perfect complement to getting started on maximizing your wellness regime/regimen. 

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is growing rapidly in its popularity in Western kitchens. However, studies have shown that its active phytochemicals, the curcuminoids, are beneficial but require higher concentrations for absorption than what can be found in the root, whole or powdered, when it is used in cooking. The benefits of high potency curcumin are many, it promotes healthy joints and bones, improves digestive comfort, and supports the immune system.

5. Holy Basil

Holy basil is an excellent herb for helping quiet the stressed-out mind, supporting our immune system, and nourishing our adrenal glands which help us adapt to stress. It has a long history of traditional use with enhancing meditation and grounding ourselves. When your mind is racing, and you feel overwhelmed mapping out a strategy forward: that’s a Holy Basil moment.