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Livtone™ - Liver Health & Cleanse Support

Livtone™ - Liver Health & Cleanse Support

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Holistic Blend for Liver Vitality, Promotes Detoxification and Defense Against Indulgences

· Helps maintain your liver and gallbladder health

· Promotes detoxification for your whole body

· Encourages healthy elimination

· Supports healthy bile production

Livtone™ supports your liver through its critical role in detoxification from environmental toxins and the indulgences of modern living. Our unique combination of 16 powerful herbs in Livtone works synergistically to promote optimal liver and gallbladder function so you can feel your best from within.

Key Herbs: Phyllanthus amarus, Amla, Belleric myroblan, India tinospora, Picrorhiza, and Indian barberry

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A person pouring a Livtone capsule into his hand.

Liver Support:

Your liver processes all of the nutrients & toxins your body encounters every day. Give your liver some love with Livtone!*

This synergistic blend of herbs holistically supports natural detoxification & optimal elimination for balanced daily health.*

Suggested use: adults take 1 capsule daily

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Customer Reviews

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Brian Keenan
Helps me with my Keto Diet

I was pretty overweight and went on the keto diet, which helped, but I started feeling bloated and a little sluggish. I decided to try Livtone since the high fat of keto, i know, can stress the liver and gallbladder.
Within maybe 1 week of using it: I was more regular, less bloated, and felt like this was the missing "piece" of the puzzle for my diet.
Definitely would recommended!