rooted in health

The Sodhi brothers: Dr. Virender Sodhi (CEO of ruved), Dr. Shailinder Sodhi (President of ruved), Jitender Sodhi (Managing Director of ruved), and Dr. Tejinder Sodhi.

our story

over three decades ago our founders, the sodhi brothers were on a mission to find high-quality herbal supplements to offer in their naturopathic clinic based in the pacific northwest. with no luck, their only option was to source herbal extracts themselves from their homeland: india, where ayurvedic herbs are native to the land.

our growing partners

the herbs in our supplements are carefully cultivated from the healthiest and most potent plants. we invest in educating our farmers in sustainable growing methods to help ensure the land remains fertile and available for generations to come based in the foothills of the himalayas.

our mission

Lavender purple flower buds.

mind-body wellness

we believe the power of herbs builds a strong foundation of daily health. our herbal formulas combine the best of modern science with the wisdom of ancient herbal medicine.

The landscape where ruved products are grown.

naturally sourced

our herbs are grown from fertile soil and pristine environments that protect their potency and health benefits to bring you reliable natural solutions for your unique health needs.

Freshly grown supplement ingredients in a persons hand.

herbal wisdom

we strive to empower you with the knowledge of ayurvedic herbal medicine so you have the confidence to utilize herbs in your daily wellness routine.