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Heart Warrior™ - Heart Support + Antioxidants

Heart Warrior™ - Heart Support + Antioxidants

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Full Spectrum Heart Support, Promotes Healthy Circulation and Exercise Performance

· Supports cardiovascular fitness and endurance

· Promotes the integrity of arteries and veins for healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health

· Encourages overall heart health and function

Your heart works hard to power you though intense workouts, long hikes, and everything else you love to do. Heart Warrior™ provides holistic support for your active lifestyle and cardiovascular fitness. Formulated with arjuna, CoQ10, and magnesium, this powerful blend can help support your circulatory system, maintain healthy blood pressure, and promote electrolyte balance. ruved Heart Warrior supports a strong heart, for better workouts and healthier life. 

Key Ingredients: Arjuna, Pushkarmool, CoQ10, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, and Methylfolate

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A Recipe for Heart Health

A Recipe for Heart Health

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Circulatory Support:

Active lifestyles demand a lot of our hearts. Heart Warrior is a 4 part solution that helps your heart during & after intense activity.*

Arjuna bark, CoQ10, B vitamins, & minerals work together to provide your body with full spectrum heart & circulatory support.*

Suggested use: adults take 1 capsule daily

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Customer Reviews

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Great for Athletes

Someone suggested I try this for my cardiovascular conditioning and it really seems to help. I play hockey and run a lot and I can definitely tell a difference in my breathing, endurance, and recovery between shifts. It is my secret weapon that allows me to keep up with people that are half my age.