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Gut Pals™ - Probiotic Microbiome Aid

Gut Pals™ - Probiotic Microbiome Aid

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Probiotic Power for A Balanced Microbiome, Promotes Immune and Digestive Health

· Supports digestion, occasional bloat relief, healthy metabolism, immune function, balanced moods, and skin health

· Replenishes your gut microbiome with 7 strains of friendly and healthy bacteria

· Formulated to endure bile and acid for optimal gut support

· Contains 50 billion CFU (colony-forming units) per capsule

Gut Pals™ probiotic supports your gut's microbiome for flourishing health! Your gut, also known as the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, is key to regulating digestion, metabolism, immune defense, skin health, brain function, and balanced moods. Gut Pals provides 7 strains of friendly and healthy bacteria with resistance against acid and bile for better bioavailability so you can get the most support out of your probiotic.

When your gut needs a pal, help it flourish with Gut Pals probiotic for vibrant, whole body health.

Key Ingredients: A robust array of microflora to support your whole body-health

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A person cutting asparagus, broccoli, and fruits with a bottle of ruved Gut Pals in front them.

Happy Gut, Happy Mood:

More specifically, is your gut happy? Yourmicrobiome breaks down food, provides immune support, & influences your mood.*

Probiotics provide the best strains to help your gut community flourish for comfortabledigestion & daily foundational support!*

Suggested use: adults take 1 capsule daily

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Laina Clugston
Good results

This is such a trust worthy company and product.