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Golden Blend - Curcumin + CoQ10 Daily Health Support

Golden Blend - Curcumin + CoQ10 Daily Health Support

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Daily Blend for Healthy Joints, Brain, and Heart Health

• Aids muscle recovery after exercise

• Supports healthy joints and connective tissue

• Promotes a healthy intestinal environment

• Supports brain health

Protect your body from daily wear & tear with support from Golden Blend! This powdered formula promotes healthy joints and muscles, as well as aid in recovery after exercise. Golden blend is a whole-body wellness superfood made from a blend of potent curcumin, CoQ10, MCT powder, and trikatu (ginger, black pepper, and long pepper) to enhance bioavailability and support your digestion. This antioxidant-rich powder works to nourish your microbiome and uplift mood, brain, and immune function when taken consistently.

Key Herbs: Tumeric, Ginger, Long pepper, and Black pepper


Check out our tasty recipe you can incorporate into your daily routine:

Golden Blend  

Golden Milk

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A person using ruved golden blend for their smoothie.

Blood Sugar Support:

Food cravings, fatigue & uneven metabolism can be caused by unsteady blood sugar. Find a healthy level with Sugar Nix!*

This herbal blend features gymnema, betterknown as the sugar slayer, which promotes healthy metabolism & blood sugar support.*

Suggested use: adults take 1 tsp daily

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Customer Reviews

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Allen Atienzo 4/21
helps manage RA!

I take Golden Blend daily as part of my rheumatoid arthritis treatment. I turned to it when I briefly lost access to my regular medication and it really helped mitigate discomfort. Even though I'm back on my regular medication, Golden Blend has not left my RA wellness routine.