Omega-3 Benefits, Sources, and Usage

A pile of Omega-3 supplements.

What are Omega-3’s?

chances are that even if you’re new to the world of supplements, you’ve probably heard about omega-3’s. these are the fatty acids that make seafood, seaweed, seeds, nuts, legumes, and avocados so healthy for us. yet the truth is, most americans are still missing out on all the benefits of omega-3’s, which support just about every aspect of our health. there is a simple solution, but before we get to that, let’s discuss why omega-3’s matter.

Omega-3 Benefits:

Omega-3’s Help Enhance Mood and Memory*

the first thing to know about omega-3’s like epa (eicosapentaenoic acid) and dha (docosahexaenoic acid) is that they are amazing for brain health. they support healthy mood, focus, and cognitive performance. this is because these omega-3’s are part of the literal structure of your brain. in fact, the brain is actually made of over 60% fat, and the best fat for that makeup is omega-3’s. long-term studies of omega-3’s have found them to be supportive in mood concerns and maintaining mental alacrity as you age.

Omega-3’s Provide Metabolic Support*

the next thing you should know about omega-3’s is that they can actually help you maintain a healthy weight. when combined with simple walking for 45 minutes, three days a week, a trial of 81 overweight adults found significant improvement in their body composition1. since omega-3’s support the body in multiple ways, including supporting healthy hunger responses, it’s no surprise that we also see improvements in overall metabolic health.

Omega-3’s Promote Heart Health*

this is probably what omega-3’s are best known for. they support healthy blood lipids, which is indicative of overall metabolic health, including heart health. our cardiovascular system relies heavily on omega-3’s to support the health and flexibility of your blood vessels, which in turn impact every part of your body. with diets high in omega-6’s from foods such as red meat, vessels are prone to becoming inflexible, which can lead to a host of negative impacts on your health. conversely, omega-3’s can help improve vessel flexibility when combined with an overall healthy diet and lifestyle plan4. if there’s any one nutritional support that’s best for your heart, it’s definitely omega-3’s.

Omega-3’s Support Skin and Cell Health*

your skin is the largest organ of the body and every cell that makes up your skin requires omega-3’s to maintain their health and function optimally. therefore, omega-3’s are a necessary requirement of any proper skincare routine. they support healthy elasticity, protect from irritants common in air pollution, help the skin bounce back from blemishes, support tonification, and help prevent new eruptions of redness and irritation. omega-3’s have been found to be even more beneficial for those with chronic skin issues.

How Do I Select My Omega-3 Supplement?

all the cells of our body require omega-3 fatty acids to be healthy and vibrant, which in turn help you to be healthy and vibrant. a lot of times, getting in enough omega-3’s through food can be challenging. by supplementing your daily wellness routine with omega-3’s you get easy, effective, and safe access to all the benefits they have to offer. however, not all omega-3 supplements are made equally. since fish oil is the most popular source of omega-3 supplements, it’s important to be mindful of how it’s sourced due to environmental concerns. in this case, it is important to find an omega-3 supplement that explicitly states that it comes from sustainable sources. secondly, oftentimes you cannot tell from the label or product description how the omega-3’s made it into the capsule you’re about to take. words like “molecularly distilled” assure you that the lowest amount of heat was used to make the supplement. heat is bad for omega-3 oil, and if you can’t tell, and if it’s a very cheap supplement, chances are the oil in there isn’t optimal and you won’t reap the benefits. lastly, check to make sure there is mention of testing for purity, as this makes sure you know you’ve got a reputable source for this essential nutrition!

omega-3’s help support foundational health down to the foundation of every cell in your body. so if you’re not on an omega-3 supplement yet, you might say, now’s the time to dive in!


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