Make Tulsi Drops Your Daily Ally

An image of our new Tulsi drops, which support mind, body, and spirit.

Introducing ruved's brand new herbal supplement, Tulsi in a glycerite form for easy, flexible, on-the-go dosing.


In the realm of healing plants, there are a handful that stand out for their ability to support all aspects of health: body, mind, and spirit. Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum, holy basil), aka the ‘Queen of Herbs’, holds this place in Ayurveda, so we are proud to announce our latest product addition: alcohol-free Tulsi Drops. This renowned adaptogen can contribute to overall resilience at any age by supporting balanced stress and immune responses.

Did we mention that they’re pretty tasty, too? Tulsi is very aromatic, with notes of mint, clove and anise. It has been called ‘liquid yoga’ by some, referring to its ability to make you feel balanced and relaxed, yet alert. Our alcohol-free Tulsi drops are family-friendly and are easily integrated into your daily routine: they can be taken directly or added to your favorite drink, and you can easily adjust the dose to the needs of the day or moment.