Glycerites: Delicious Drops For Everyday Health

A person about to use ruved Glycerite drops.

What is a glycerite?

A glycerite is an herbal supplement that uses glycerin as its base for extracting the herb’s supportive properties while also preventing them from going bad. Just like making a cup of tea where hot water pulls out the richness of the herbs into water, glycerin works the same way. More so, glycerin extracts are able to be more concentrated than teas, leading to more powerful support.

Why should you use them?

You can use glycerites as an alternative to, or to supplement, your daily herbal health products. They’re great for concerns such as digestive support, immune health, calming the mind and shedding stress, and helping with sleep to name a few examples. Depending on the formula, you can support any aspect of health with a glycerite. Herbal glycerites are dosed in drops, giving you control in determining how much support you need in a given situation.

What are their benefits compared to supplements?

Glycerin itself is sweet, making any herb, regardless of its crude herbal flavor much tastier. They provide flexibility with dosing by using drops in comparison to pre-filled capsules so you can decide how much or little support you need. In addition, because they are alcohol-free, they are compatible for anyone who avoids alcohol-based products.

Why use glycerin and not alcohol?

Glycerites are useful for those who avoid alcohol for health, religious, or personal reasons. Also, when placed under the tongue, glycerites won’t cause irritation or discomfort that alcohol-based extracts known as tinctures can cause on that sensitive skin. While alcohol will sport a longer shelf life, herbal formulas are meant to be used with consistency, so this may not be an issue, though glycerites still have a fairly long shelf life. Also, glycerin has been listed as one of the greener choices since it can be easily and cleanly derived from plants, making it renewable and sustainable for the planet. So you can feel good for the plants while the herbal glycerite returns the favor!

Is glycerin vegan?

Most glycerin used in making glycerites is plant-based. While you can make glycerin from animal products, it is much cleaner and more sustainable to source it from plants. ruved’s glycerites are of course vegan friendly and responsibly sourced.

Is glycerin safe?

Yes, glycerin is very safe! It is considered a food substance, and unlike honey, can be safely given to children under 2 years old. In fact, you’ve probably already consumed glycerin before. It is very commonly used in lower-fat foods, especially sweets, and in chewing gum. It’s considered a food substance and is safe for general use.

It’s sweet, so does it affect blood sugar?

Not particularly, glycerin is sugar-alcohol just like other low-calorie sweeteners like xylitol. Glycerin has a very low glycemic index and is safe for use for those with blood sugar issues.

Are glycerites safe for children?

Glycerites are very safe for children, provided they are made with kid-friendly herbs. Our ruved glycerites were made with children in mind, and are also a great choice for adults who prefer alcohol-free herbal supplements.

Why should I try glycerites?

Glycerites are great because they are tasty, functional, and flexible form of support to use throughout their day. Because they are liquid, they are easily scaled to the amount of support you need for any time throughout your day to match your needs.

Does glycerin absorb pesticides that may be used on herbs?

At ruved we use organic farming methods to grow herbs to be used in our products so you can feel confident you’re getting a product free of unhealthy residues of any kind. As with all our products, our glycerites are tested for purity and quality assurance.

How long until I feel it working?

That depends on the formula you are using. For instance, our digestive formula, Triphala, is great to use before a meal to support healthy and comfortable digestion. If you end up still feeling bloated because perhaps you had a very large meal, you can use it again after a meal to further support digestion. Meanwhile, if you’re using a formula for energy and stamina, such as our Ashwagandha, that’s better used regularly and long term and you should feel support within a week.

Are glycerites safe in pregnancy?

This depends on the herbs used, but glycerin itself is safe in pregnancy. Always consult with your physician before adding herbal products to your regimen, especially when pregnancy.