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Deep Roots

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Working women of ruved

On February 28th, 1909 the first stepping stones were laid of what would later become international working women’s day. A young German revolutionary worked to bring about a holiday that would celebrate and advocate for women in the workplace. Eventually, the day would be recognized by the feminist movement, and then government agencies. As a result, we now have the 8th of march to celebrate working women around the world!

Working women are essential to helping us succeed in our mission of bringing health, wellness, and sustainability not just to our bodies, but the community we derive our herbs from.

 Himachal Pradesh, Located in the northwest region of India, is the site of our owned and operated production facility. Our production facility is primarily staffed by women in positions from lab managers to farmers.  

Women have been the back-bone of RUved since our doors first opened in 1993. In fact, our company is 50% woman owned. Our founding doctors grew up watching their mother not only work, but also take care of those that could not help themselves. That and the belief that equal rights and representation are important values have led to women being instrumental in every facet of our company.

In India, there remain disadvantaged women in need of employment. Single mothers and divorced women have struggled to support their families. Working women not only have the responsibilities of work, but home, as well. Our production facility supports not just the worker, but the whole family with flexible hours, access to company run health clinics, and scholarship opportunities for the children of our employees. Due to the efforts of Pankaj Sodhi (COO if Ayush India) we have always prioritized female empowerment to the betterment of the community in which they live and serve. 

Women like Clara Zetkin, that young German revolutionary who decided to stand up for women's working rights had no way of knowing her impact, however, we do. From our CFO, to our graphic designer, to our lab technicians and farmers, they serve as inspiration to the children of today that women are an integral part of not just RUved but the working world in general.