4 Herbal Allies For Every Day Mood Support

Two herbal supplements sitting next to each other on a wooden desk, surrounded by a book, plate of oranges, sunglasses, and cup.
In times of uncertainty, it’s helpful to ground yourself in a routine. You can find comfort in surrounding yourself with familiar habits. Creating a morning ritual featuring a hearty breakfast, soothing breathing exercises, and nutritional supplements can help cover the essentials while you spend more time at home. These herbs can be added to your every day routine with ease to provide foundational support for mental wellness:


When feeling overwhelmed or anxious, your mood and energy levels can be impacted. Small tasks like making your bed each morning can help create a sense of order and normalcy. Another helpful approach to uplift your mood can be adding herbs to your diet. Ashwagandha has been highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine as an adaptogen that is traditionally used to restore balance in the mind and body. When digested, the potent root extract can help relieve occassional stress and provide mood boosting properties. Especially useful if you notice stress has impacted your sleep schedule, motivation, or diet; ashwagandha can help promote relaxation of the mind and overall health.

Ashwagandha can be easily incorporated into your daily routine through dietary supplements. In its natural form, ashwagandha root extract is a medium to dark brown. In supplements, the deeper color indicates a pure herbal extract with high potency. Potency impacts how effective the supplement will be in promoting foundational health and healthy stress levels. Considering how common occasional stress is, ashwagandha is a worth while herb to keep on hand.


With news updates becoming constant in our every day lives, stress levels have been noticeably impacted. Recent clinical studies suggest that bacopa has the potential to relax the mind and promote brain function. Traditionally used in Ayurveda, bacopa is known to help support many functions of the brain. In addition to promoting a calm mind, bacopa provides powerful antioxidants that can help support your nervous system when you’re experiencing occasional stress. Bacopa has also been shown to help improve spatial learning, the ability to retain information, and increase short-term memory. The body can also utilize this herb to help balance internal processes impacted by stress and support mental alertness.

Bacopa can be added to your daily routine in the morning to help boost brain function throughout the day. A convenient way to incorporate this herb is through an extracted powder found in a dietary supplement. If you are interested in adding bacopa as an asset to your every day, it can be found as the main ingredient in Memoren.


With recent events interrupting your usual go-to activities, it is important to continue daily practices that bring you joy. Whether you enjoy watching comedy specials on Netflix or facetiming close friends, natural mood boosters are wildly helpful. One unconventional way to positively impact your state of mind may be to include saffron in your diet. Used traditionally in ancient cultures, saffron releases a rich aroma that has elevating effects to help your mood, memory, and potentially provide aphrodisiac properties. It can help brighten your day and improve your overall well-being.

Saffron can be used as a spice in tasty cuisines or included in your tea blend to help uplift your mood. It is used as a staple in Indian and Spanish dishes for its floral, honey-like flavor. This versatile herb has the potential to up your kitchen game while supporting your mental well being.

Holy basil

While luxuries like a massage or getting a facial are temporarily cancelled, you may need some help relieving stress and tension. An at home herbal option to help you relax is holy basil. Its herbal properties promote soothing effects which can help reduce unhealthy stress levels. Traditionally used to support the immune system in Ayurvedic practices, holy basil also provides a calming impact on the mind. It is known that even smelling the herb can promote relaxation of the body. Holy basil is a highly regarded herb that has the potential to bring balance and calmness to your mental health.

Try growing this herb in your own home for quick accessibility! Holy basil is commonly found in tea or is readily available in herbal supplements. Learn more about how you can use Flucomune, a blended extract solution that utilizes holy basil as a key ingredient to benefit your health.