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Pitta: Fire-Water

Pitta is a force
created by the dynamic interplay of fire and water.

These forces represent transformation.
Common characteristics of people who have a predominantly pitta constitution:
  • Medium physique, strong, well-built
  • Sharp mind, good powers of concentration
  • Orderly, focused
  • Assertive, self-confident, and entrepreneurial at their best; aggressive, demanding, pushy when out of balance
  • Competitive, enjoy challenges
  • Passionate and romantic; sexually have more vigor and endurance than vatas, but less than kaphas
  • Strong digestion, strong appetite; get irritated if they have to miss a meal
  • Like to be in command
  • When under stress, pittas become irritated and angry
  • Skin fair or reddish, often with freckles; sunburns easily
  • Hair usually fine and straight, tending toward blond or red, typically turns gray early.
  • Uncomfortable in sun or hot weather; heat makes them tired
  • Others may find them stubborn, pushy, opinionated
  • Good public speakers.
  • Like to spend money, surround themselves with beautiful objects
Functions of pitta include: Locations Beneficial foods Need to avoid Beneficial Excercises

Sight, digestion, temperature, and appetite.

Lymphatic system, blood, spleen, liver, skin, eyes and the heart.

Most beans, soaked almonds, and vegetables.

Sour fruits, red meat, potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant.

Combination of rest and cardiovascular exercise is important to a pitta constitution with a minimum of 45 minutes a day.

Pitta governs digestion, absorption, assimilation, nutrition, metabolism, body temperature, and skin coloration. It also controls the luster of the eyes, intelligence, and understanding. Psychologically, pitta arouses anger, hate, and jealousy. The small intestine, stomach, sweat glands, blood, fat, eyes, and skin are the seats of pitta. Pitta people are of medium height, are slender and their body frame may be delicate. Their chests are not as flat as those of vata people, and they show a medium prominence of veins and muscle tendons. The bones of pitta are not as prominent as those of the vata individual. Muscle development is moderate.

The pitta complexion may be coppery, yellowish, reddish, or fair. The skin is soft, warm, and less wrinkled than vata skin. The hair is thin, silky, red, or brownish, and there is a tendency toward premature graying of hair and hair loss. The eyes are most often gray, green, or copper brown in color and sharp in focus. The eyeballs will be of medium prominence. The nails are soft. The shape of the pitta’s nose is sharp and the tip tends to be reddish.

Physiologically, these people have a strong metabolism and good digestion which results in a strong appetite. The person of pitta constitution usually takes large quantities of food and liquid. Pitta types have a natural craving for sweet, bitter, and astringent tastes and enjoy cold drinks. Their sleep is of medium duration but uninterrupted. They produce a large volume of urine and the feces are yellowish, liquid, soft, and plentiful. There is a tendency toward excessive perspiring. The body temperature may run slightly high, and their hands and feet will tend to be warm. Pitta people do not tolerate sunlight, heat, or hard work well. Psychologically, pitta people have good powers of comprehension; they are very intelligent and sharp and tend to be good orators. They have emotional tendencies toward hate, anger, and jealousy. They are ambitious people who generally like to be leaders. Pitta people appreciate material prosperity and they tend to be moderately well-off financially. They enjoy exhibiting their wealth and luxurious possessions.

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