The Effectiveness And Safety Of Hand Sanitizer

What do you need to know about hand sanitizers? Dr. Shailinder Sodhi dispels the myths surrounding the mindset of this widely used item.

What ingredients make up many hand sanitizers? You might be surprised what you are rubbing into your and your children's skin as you seek to "immunize" yourself against pesky germs and unwanted health threats.

What are healthy alternatives to chemically-saturated formulas? You'll be surprised at the easy and effective methods that are easier on you and your immune system. The inherit, unsafe chemicals in hand sanitizers are only one aspect of the dangers. The often overlooked risk is the overuse of sanitzers to the point of compromising your immune system so it cannot efficiently fight off natural occurring bacteria.

So what about hand washing? Is this an outdated discipline, or does it have value when it comes to helping strengthen our immune system?

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