Sweetener From Dates... Move Over Sugar


Many claim to have "the answer" when it comes to refined sugar substitutes. There are a plethora of alternative choices on the market, but one which caught our eye is "date paste" written up by Sophia at veggiesdontbite.com. She writes:

"We don’t have any blood sugar issues, so some sweetener was okay. I just wanted my sweetener to be as pure as I could find it. I threw away ALL refined sugar I had in my cupboards, and began filling my baking sections with things like coconut palm sugar, sucanat, raw honey, maple syrup, and dates. It took me a little time to get the courage to make date paste. But the day I did it changed my life. IT. IS. AMAZING.

Date paste is super easy to make, stores well, and can even be frozen! I keep it in a mason jar in my fridge to use for our everyday needs. We put it in oatmeal, use it in baking, and any little sweet snacks we randomly come up with. "


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