Ayurveda In The Office

The uniqueness of body type is a well known subject in Ayurveda. However, how body type applies to other "non-health" contexts can prove to be fascinating. Monica Bloom, an Ayurvedic Practioner, recently wrote about Ayurveda and the workplace...

"We already know that each of us contains all three doshas—we just have them in unique combinations. So in order for us to function properly, all three are needed. Well, the same goes for our personalities and our different job functions in the workplace."

Monica beautifully describes the Vata, Pitta and Kapha team member, mentioning strengths and weaknesses. 

"In the office kaphas tend to be: Sweet, peacemakers, quiet, in production roles, great listeners, jolly, followers, people-pleasers, team support, strong, slow but reliable, and set in their ways (stubborn).

In the office vatas tend to be: Jibber-jabberers (water cooler anyone?), vibrant, creative, hands-on creators, full of ideas, inspirers, fast, yet inaccurate.

In the office pittas tend to be: Strategists, organizers, eyes on the data, analyzers, leaders, quick problem-solvers, quick-witted, joyful, and able to take on a lot of work."

Investigate your workplace and see if you can identify everyone, based on their work styles and discuss with your team how you can best collaborate, honoring one another's doshas!

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